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A Local Directory And Referral Messaging App


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A Local Directory And Referral Messaging App

JustConnectUs is a free community referral app that connects local people with trusted service providers in their area who have been vetted by someone who knows and understands them.

Through private messages, local people can get honest opinions about service providers, while those individuals and businesses can generate a steady stream of referrals from satisfied customers.

The app covers services from childcare to web design, copy editing, DJ-ing and catering.


“Our challenge was to prepare a visual system that conveyed friendliness and customer orientation

Our challenge was to prepare a logo and a visual system that effectively conveyed friendliness and customer orientation.

JustConnectUs stands for trust, convenience and ease of use, which we took into account as we worked to develop branding that made these elements apparent from the get-go.

We crafted a visually appealing logo and design elements that communicated a warm and inviting tone, while strongly emphasising the company’s user-centricity ethos.

The selected design effectively showcases the core value of the brand, which is to bring people together.


The Solution

We carefully considered various design elements, ultimately deciding on bold, eye-catching colours (blue, yellow, dark navy and teal) and soft, rounded shapes to represent the brand’s message of inclusivity and friendliness.

Raleway and PT Serif fonts were chosen for their elegance and easy readability, while animated illustrations bring the company’s offering to life.