First zero-trust posture management (ZTPM) SaaS platform


  • Cyber Security

Type of work




comprehensive cybersecurity platform

Mesh Security provides a comprehensive cybersecurity platform designed to prevent, identify and address enterprise-wide risks and threats. It promotes an identity-first approach and provides solutions for multi-cloud security, zero trust posture and identity risk management.

The platform integrates AI-driven detection, automates threat responses and ensures compliance with industry standards. Mesh Security seeks to provide a single security management system across several settings and technologies, while also decreasing SecOps costs, increasing threat detection speed and decreasing the attack surface.


“…combining cutting-edge web design trends with advanced technology…”

Our task was to develop a modern, visually appealing website featuring 3D animations. By combining cutting-edge web design trends with advanced technology, we created an engaging and immersive user experience.

We focused on eye-catching high-quality 3D models using the colours of the company logo, that conveyed a sense of trust and responsibility. In addition, we created a responsive design and intuitive and user-friendly navigation to ensure the site is both stunning and accessible across all devices.


The results

The result is a state-of-the-art website in branded colours that sets a new standard for visual and functional excellence.

The modern, sleek design conveys trust, professionalism and dynamism; qualities that the company’s target customer seeks.