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highly-customizable solution

Mobility is an app built for mobile workforces & Field Service Management (FSM); a highly-customizable solution designed to fit multi-verticals. It provides a flexible system of tools that provides users with unparalleled access to valuable customer information – enabling FSM according to product personalization, prices, an advanced photo catalogue, and customer-specific promotion schemes.

The solution will provide a one-stop-shop for customer data with impressive customizability options. All accessible in the handy convenience of an app adapted for Android, and different types of devices (mobile, desktop, tablet).


“…the balance between a professional platform and a user-friendly interface…”

The B2B market can be a tricky one to crack at times. Finding the balance between a professional platform and a user-friendly interface is the main challenge we faced during this project. Mobility already had a very basic app design – but if they wanted to create a FSM tool that would grant clients with the competitive edge they seek, it was going to require a more intricate layout in order to effectively present the relevant data to users.

Our aim was to design an app that ultimately turned a rather tedious process into a seamless one. Mobility’s solution was built to improve customer service, increase levels of effectiveness and save on operating costs. Therefore, it was vital that we produced a system that was easy to navigate and never compromised on reliability. As at the end of the day, this tool will play an integral part at the core of each client’s business.


The Solution

In order to achieve this, we aided Mobility in the creation of a brand-new logo and improved their existing app design – working not only on the UI, but the UX as well. The professional logo quickly demonstrated that this was an app that was high-quality and super reliable. Accompanied with a fluid app-flow, solid structure and extensive user-friendly functionalities; we created an app that will significantly improve the efficiency of sales FSM operations.


The nuts and bolts

The app was developed in 3 sizes (mobile, tablet & desktop) and was adapted for the Android mobile operating system, thereby simplifying the process of user registrations. We also provided customized designs with a variety of color schemes and custom illustrations, to allow their clients to choose a solution that was consistent with the branding of their business.

Finally, to make the app more interactive and user-friendly, we included GIF animations for different functionalities such as loading processes, system notifications, search results etc.

Because who doesn’t love a GIF or two, eh?