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mobile app for online therapy sessions

WellnessTalk is a mobile app that provides adolescents and young adults with online therapy sessions.

WellnessTalk has developed a series of programs for this specific audience in order to treat most common mental and health issues among this age group, such as anxiety disorders, depression, addiction and suicidal thoughts, along with helping young people build healthy coping mechanisms, personal and social skills.


“The design inspired by the apps that are commonly used among teenagers…”

This was one of the first apps where we had to deal with a much younger target audience. The challenge here was to create an app that suits their personal needs and the way they interact with it. In addition, the app should look credible and trustworthy enough for the target audience to want to subscribe for a series of sessions. It should be easy to use both from the client side and the side of the coach or therapist.

The design was inspired by the apps that are commonly used among teenagers: messengers, meditation apps, and social media. The design had to be calm and easy to navigate, include multiple features and tools, and be accessible to young people who often get distracted and bored quickly.


The Solution

We came up with a few main, calming colors, such as purple, white and blue. Purple represents compassion and delicacy, while blue suggests trust and secrecy, values that are highly appreciated among the younger community given the delicate nature of the app. The rounded edges and minimalistic design give the app a light feel. As a bonus, we created emojis for the youngsters.