Happy Box

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a dash of excitement to every event

The business prides itself on specializing in corporate gifts. They are on a mission to make gift-giving more enjoyable by infusing it with sweetness and enjoyment. Happy Box focuses on syrups, providing clients with a variety of tantalizing flavors that add a dash of excitement to every event.

The syrups are perfect with soft drinks, coffee, slushies, ice creams, cocktail making, non-alcoholic drinks, in tea or home cooking.


“…design had to convey sweetness and 

Happy Box tasked us with creating the logo and packaging design for their items. We knew the design had to convey sweetness and creativity, so we chose brilliant and cheerful hues of yellow as the primary color, with black as the secondary color, a visual allusion to bees and hence honey and sweetness.

With a tagline like gifts outside the box, we knew we had to create eye-catching and unique designs for the company Happy Box.

The Solution

The complementary color scheme encourages eye movement, drawing viewers from one element to the next and the vibrancy stands out. We chose the cute Mochi Pop One type font, which is based on characters written by girls in Japan, and widely used in cartoons, movies, etcetera.

We also created joyful, smiling emojis to establish the corporate image and reflect the cheerfulness of Happy Box. Our goal was to elicit a sense of joy not only in the recipient but also in the giver.